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Seed Cleaning | Fanning Mills Are a Critical Element


Fanning Mills are a Critical Element

In Cleaning Native Seeds

There are many steps in the process of cleaning native seeds.  Each step needs to be understood if you are interested in cleaning your own seed or if you are just curious. 

The fanning mill is an old invention but most farmers owned fanning mills to clean their clover seed and oats.  However, they are also very effective in eliminating chaff and unwanted weed seeds from native seeds.  Usually there are two screens in the mill on a shaker.  In older days they were hand cranked to operate but now we have electricity.  In the beginning, only one screen was used at a time and held with both hands while shaking back and forth.  If the holes were the correct size, the seed would fall through and leave the chaff on top of the screen.  We started cleaning our seed this way until we were able to purchase an old 2B Clipper Fanning Mill.



Clipper 2B Fanning Mill


Hand Operated Fanning Mill



Hand Screens




Take a look at a short video of one of our fanning mills.


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